You will here some ideas I got or found around and wanted to share with you. There is no particular order among them, I just wanted to wrote them down to keep a track of them, and perhaps one day implement them.

• Install Linux and modify main-x11.c to have it include D. Gervais files too :-)
• Include png graphic file support to reduce graphic file size
• Manage the mask file in software
• Add ogg vorbis support
• Add free sounds linked to events: spells, fight …
• Add free midi files linked to events: city, shop, dungeon …
• Include spell animation
• Use transparency with thrown objects (arrows, spells, …)
• Draw new tiles in D. Gervais style
• Add mouse support to get Look / Recall function by moving mouse over tiles
• Display graphical inventory and map in an AngbandtK style
• Display user and monster HP graphically (with tiles)
• Have no zone in wilderness !
• Include an Isomode with D. Gervais iso tiles.