Welcome to my ToME homepage!

Let me introduce you what you will find here. I am actually programming a way to include David Gervais tiles in the Angband game ToME. You can have a first look at it by clicking on the small picture up there or going in the < screenshots section >.
This page was made to keep a track of all the changes I have done so far from the former source code of ToME 2.2.2. I hope it will be usefull to anyone looking for some advice on how to modify ToME or another Angband version under windows. I also hope I won’t say too much crap dealing with code and language: please forgive my frenchy English, and do tell me if you reckon I am telling stupid things!

• New menu “Double size mode” to display twice as more characters as before
• New menu “David Gervais tiles” to display the new tiles
• New menu “Perfect size” to display exactly 32 x 32 size tile in each term window
• New overview map
• Term windows are now up to 255 x 255 characters instead of 80 X 24 before
• (not yet implemented) variable number of items per screen displayed in shops

• with all the graphic options turned on, you need some processing power
• to display 23 double size tiles in Inventory or Equipment, you need at least a 1024 x 768 screen size resolution
• It works only under windows :-((

• some refreshing char problems, because of the hack of "term_fresh_row_both" function in "src/z-term.c" I guess
• some priorities to correct in "display_map" function
• need to refresh each term whenever "use_bigtile" or "use_zoom" changes of state
• number of items too important in stores if "use_zoom" is ON (with big main term there is no problem)
• in function show_floor of file "src/object1.c" need to consider "Double size tiles mode"

If you want to test it, please have a go and download it at the < files section >. As it is still in development, please consider it as a beta version.
You will find in the < Programming section > a more precise description of what have been changed, and how.
Finally, you will find different ideas I wanted to keep track of in the < Ideas section >.

I wanted to thank Darkgod, and all the maintainers and developers of ToME, for this great open-source game, and for all the support they are offering through ToME forums.
Also thanks a lot to David Gervais, for creating those great free tiles, and letting people use them.
I hope you have understood it: this place was made to share ideas with you! So please feel free to mail me any comment or idea you could have at pousse.rapiere@free.fr.